Nose perfumer

Morph is transformation, it is movement, it is innovation... A vision that has always accompanied every aspect of our Brand and our collections. We believe that future lies in young talents, in their passion and in the power of their ideas. For this reason, we are proud to announce our new nose...

Douglas Morel, the nose perfumer of Morph.

Douglas Morel discovered the art of perfumery when he was very young. Born in the north of France, he smelled the spices and aromas coming from the kitchen and quickly made the connection between the culinary accords and fragrances. He had his first olfactory memory in a bazaar in Damascus which exhaled a scent of cinnamon, cumin and freshly ground cardamom. A powerful feeling that has never left him; he has been trying to recreate this smell since that moment. After his studies at ISIPCA he began his apprenticeship at Takasago where he worked with the perfumer Francis Kurkdjian who taught him how to mix a perfectly balanced composition with the right raw materials.