MORPH PARFUM Indomable eau de parfum intense vapo 100ml Expand

MORPH Indomable



Eau de parfum intense vapo

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Consegna Stimata : 24/05/2019

Beautiful. Intelligent. Irresistible. An amazing life inside a leather suitcase. She travelled alone, unknown travelers’ gazes  as her only company. Her deep black eyes were clearly visible in the darkest nights, as unequivocal were her wit and her innate bravery.

When the train arrived, the hot night of Damascus embraced her sweetly.

Walking along the verge, an fearless knight was outlined by moonlights.

The air was permeated by a woody and embracing aroma.

The thunderous silence of An August night. The forbidden rendezvous. The indomable and free spirit, ready to spread high with his wings, beyond the prohibitions. She wanted to love. She was free.


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